Fan Art Contest Runners Up – Part 2

Fan Art Contest - Runners Up Part 2 Banner

It’s fan art Friday again, which brings us to the last submissions from our recent contest. If you missed it, be sure to check out the winners or the prior post showcasing the other runners up. Those posts are being updated with links to the artist’s personal sites if you want to see more work or get in touch. And if you haven’t, come join the our Discord server to personally congratulate our contestants on the art channel.

Once again, be sure to click on the image to see a much larger image of the artwork.’s Will

by Maxence Deschamps

Much like Daniel Sachs’ Griss, Deschamps draws heavily of Earle Eyvind’s style. The artist does a careful job of filling out the image with backgrounds inspired by Banner Saga. Yet, he was careful to leave the most attractive and eye-catching elements in the center.

If you look closely, you may notice the interesting patterns embroidered in the scarf. Applause is due here, because detailing such designs atop folds of clothing is no easy task. But what’s more interesting is the weapon— most dredge arms are bulky, with a design philosophy involving harmonics. The “tuning fork” blades of the stonesingers and scourge for example. But here, it’s an seemingly ordinary (if high quality) spear.

Curious and question raising… and ripe with story telling possibilities.

Rather than a regular portfolio, Deschamp has a demo reel of art to share with us all. Nice. and Godstone

by Brian Tyrrell

While most of the submissions focused on traditional drawing and painting techniques, Tyrrell took a novel approach. His technique is called linocut, where an artist carves out a piece of linoleum, dips the results in ink and then presses them onto the medium.

It’s even possible to do a layered approach as well, cutting some away, doing a print, and then adding further details before printing again against the same surface. This is called reductive printmaking, and it’s interesting because like sculpting, it’s thinking about the results in a negative way rather than something that accumulates.

Great work Brian! I love the spring colors! And please check out Brian’s portfolio!




Disarmed Tryggvi - Dave ResizedDisarmed Tryggvi

by Dave

Community Manager Katie and I really liked this one. Where others tried their hand at painting or drawing, Dave preferred the geometrical cutout approach more akin to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park. Dave’s whimsical approach had us wondering. Could everyone’s favorite mad Viking be a secret, Banner Saga Canadian? Why not? All the cool characters are!

… Now! Let’s put this conversation down and never speak of this again.

Bolverk and Gang - Manuel Mesones ResizedBolverk and Gang

by Manuel Mesones

Mesones’ strong piece, Bolverk and Gang, was tied during the judging process with Daniel Sachs’ Griss and Alex Holt’s Godstone for quite a while. It took several rounds of voting before it narrowly came in at sixth place.

It only takes a glance to see why.

While most artists chose one character or object, Mesones proved quite ambitious with a display of the Ravens as a whole. The core four from Banner Saga 2 are present, alongside latecomers Oli and Dytch. The detailing is superb, from Oli’s tattoos to Folka’s brooch to the Raven insignia on the shields. There’s a fine difference between being the best and being the most awesome. And although Bolverk and Gang is not the former, it could very well be the latter.

Be sure to click on the image and take in the full grandeur of this gorgeous work. Don’t forget to stop by his site for more awesome artwork!


Confrontation - Mihai Georgescu ResizedConfrontation

by Mihai Georgescu

Georgescu was extremely on point with capturing the aesthetic of Banner Saga. His colors are vivid and eye-catching, and commemorate a time before Banner Saga as we best know it— before the sun had stopped.

The character in the back is almost no doubt Rugga, now sporting a stump instead of a right hand, along with his signature scalp tattoos and knife-like brooch. What’s more interesting is the character sporting an arrow in his side. Those clothes, that helmet and shield, that hair… it would certain suggest it’s Dagr. And while he never used an axe in the game, his fallen comrade there seems to have a very familiar sword.

Awesome job Mihai! Take a gander at his portfolio for more great stuff!



That’s it for the contest. A huge thanks to all the participants for their outstanding talents! And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news as we march towards Banner Saga 3!