Factions Will Close February 9, 2021

By January 22, 2021 Uncategorized
The Banner Saga Factions logo

It is with great solemnity that we announce the flight of the spear over the field of battle, calling forth the glorious warriors to the eternal halls of the chosen.  The battlefields of Banner Saga Factions will remain forevermore vacant and peaceful.  The game has reached the end of its brave life and will be retired, removed from Steam, and no longer playable after February 9, 2021.

Those of you who have been with us for the entire journey know how important and formative Factions has been to the development of combat gameplay in the Banner Saga.  We look forward to returning to such times in the future, with new games, and new experiences to share with you.

One of the backend services we rely on for Factions is being retired and we currently do not have the time or resources to update the game. Factions had a good run and we truly appreciate all the bannerfolk who spent time there! 

We want to give special thanks to our Conclave members and two in particular, stoicmom and spicykorean for maintaining and encouraging the Factions community during the past few years! 

To all who played – thank you for keeping the banner waving all this time.

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