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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Stoic!


To honor the one decade since the founding of our studio, we’ve prepared an amazing Sale at the for you for three days only (January 14 – 16, 2022)!

  • 80% Site-Wide SALE on Banner Saga items!
  • NEW: Discounted 3-Poster Bundles (also 80% off for 3 days only).
  • *FREE* Bellower and Stonesinger miniature collectable with any non-poster, -book or -vinyl purchase (while supplies last)!

Click here to head to the and check out all the Banner Saga goods, now!

As well, all Banner Saga games are 80% off on Steam!

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve played one or more of the Banner Saga trilogy of games, and we want to thank you.

Thank you to everyone who backed the first game, 10 years ago on Kickstarter and helped begin the incredible journey for Stoic. We could not have done it without your trust and faith in us!

Thank you to everyone who bought the game when it launched and gave the small but mighty indie game a shot. You helped make us a success in a space where fewer than 9% of indie games ever make a profit!

Thank you to everyone who stayed with the series through Banner Saga 2,and played Banner Saga 3. You proved that a compelling story and a promise to complete the saga had value for gamers.

And thank you to all the community members who continue to support new players and the ever-expanding Stoic Team. While we can’t tell you what we’re currently developing, we know you’re going to love it and we’re grateful you’re here for the ride!

Have an incredible, safe and happy 2022.