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After months of effort and anticipation, we are extremely happy to announce Banner Saga: Tales from the Caravan is launching on the Stoic store on Tuesday, July 30, 2019! The book is currently available in physical form and now, ebook format as well!

Banner Saga: Tales from the Caravan is a one-of-a-kind anthology of stories from both the creators and their fans. These tales were selected for their quality and how they gently expand the world of Banner Saga in ways the games could not.

Here is a copy of the Table of Contents. Some stories are marked as potential spoilers.

“Take this Axe” by Ivan Weis-Palacios, a survivor’s story of the First Great War.
“The Tale of the Silver Yox” by Alex Holt, a fable about the mythological beast.
“Haugr’s Grin” by Alexandra Singer, a child’s tale about a blind varl.
“Too Much Rope” by Arren Roach, starring Shieldbanger Mogr sometime around the Second Great War.
“An Old Promise” by A.M. Russell. A kidnapping by kragsmen does not go as planned when a heroic veteran emerges to pursue them.
“The Lies that Bind” by Evan Dicken, a prequel story that seeds the origins of Rugga’s rise to power in Boersgard.
“What is Re-Told” by Alex Thomas. A story of the menders and their henchmen. (May contain spoilers for Banner Saga 3.)
“The Caravan from Tistel” by Alex Chimienti, details the fate of the town of Tistel during the Third Great War.
“Only Bjorulf Knows” by James Fadeley, a novella about the exploits of Sigbjorn, just before the events of Banner Saga.
“Stranded” by Alex Thomas and James Fadeley. A “what if” tale starring Eirik and Valgard, taking place just before Banner Saga 3. (Contains spoilers for Banner Saga 2.)

The collection also comes with a special introductory letter entitled The Scrivener’s Note. 

Be sure to drop by the Stoic store to pick up a copy! And while you’re there, check out all the other great merchandise for sale!