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Igor Artyomenko!


The Banner Saga community will remember some of the fan art that Igor has done in the past, one of Alette and one of a horseborn.When he sent in his first roughs for the test I was blown away with his handling of color, depth and grasp of scale.


He was one of the candidates I gave a couple assets from the game to see how he would massage them into his piece and, I hope you’ll agree, it works quite well. Igor commands a real attention to detail and is also a huge fan of the game and lore. I could say more but I think his final submission, attached above, speaks for itself.

Stoic reached out to a global community to find an artist who could help me out on The Banner Saga 2 and boy did it ever respond. We received submissions by outstanding artists from every corner of the earth and Igor Artyomenko, hailing from the country of Kazakhstan, is now a part of the team and we couldn’t be happier. I know he’ll earn your trust in the coming months as we share more and more of The Banner Saga 2!

““I am very happy that I was lucky and now I have the chance to work with such a great team as Stoic!
I will make every effort to help make Banner Saga 2 even more beautiful than the first part.” – Igor Artyomenko

Twitch channel:

Once again, thanks to everyone who sent in submissions. I’m happy to say that we received far more than we ever dreamed we would and all the new creative ideas and approaches to the style really caught me by surprise. So much of what Stoic has achieved is due to you, the most supportive and talented community with which I have ever had the pleasure to work.

Arnie Jorgensen