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Happy Holidays!

By December 22, 2013February 6th, 2022No Comments

Happy Holidays Everyone — enjoy this festive rhyme from our forum member “Slimsy Platypus”

Twas the weeks before Yule, within the city of Strand
The young ones training for battle, with Stoicmom lending a hand
Armaments readied for battle, and laid out with care
With hopes that our enemies’ Warhawks, would not find them there
The men were restless, snuggled up with a pint
Drunk off their arses, on the mead hall floor for the night
The men dreamed of archers, with their backs turned
Grins across their faces, for victory! – they yearned
Then all of a sudden, there arose such a clatter
A large bang from the Great Hall; what could be the matter?
On Griss, on Iver, on Egil and Bersi!
If that is the Dredge, we’ll slay them without mercy!
The men rushed to the Great Hall, taking two steps in stride
For glory! For honor! For renown! For pride!
When they arrived, and much to their surprise
Was a single old Varl, a grey beard, and old eyes
“Ubin’s the name, and excuse the noise”
“I’ve prepared some gifts: some weapons, some new toys!”
Ubin grabbed a sword off the rack, and looked at the floor
“A sword as sharp as your wit, Iver it yours!”
Ubin then grabbed a tunic, hardened fast and leather
“To keep you safe Egil, and as light as a feather!”
Ubin then reached in his pocket, and leant out his hand
“Steam codes for all! To bring everyone to this land!”

Cheers and happy holidays everyone!