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Hogun (Thrasher)

You don’t find many twins about, and even fewer who know how to use an axe. Hogun tends to be the more level-headed of the two, which may explain why he ended up with a child and wife.

Mogun (Thrasher)

You don’t find many twins about, and even fewer who know how to use an axe. Mogun tends to be the sort that act first and think later, which may explain the scar, and why he hasn’t married.

Hakon (warmaster)

Hakon is something of a legend in varl culture. When he met Vognir it was during the second great war, in which two became known for cutting a swathe through dredge where others were struggling just to stay alive. Vognir was always the charismatic leader, but there was no question about which of the two would win in a fight.

Tryggvi (spearman)

Well known in his home town, for being the guy you hope doesn’t sit next to you in the mead house, or is yelling loudly in the middle of the night, or building a collection of spears far more numerous than most men would need in a lifetime. He spends a fair amount of time by himself.

Sigbjorn (warhawk)

A drunken varl warrior who has ties to the area. This warrior can still fight when he is sober and should not be underestimated.

Krumr (warleader)

One of the oldest living varl warriors. Younger varl often come to him to train and learn how to fight. Not many creatures on the planet have seen more fighting than him, but he’s semi-retired now in a remote village near the wastes.

Ekkill (grudgewielder)

Ekkill is running the show in Frostvellr. He’s a bloodthirsty psychopath who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Iver (strongarm)

When Skogr was still young, Iver wandered into the town’s center, startling the settlers from Rundwall who had rarely seen a varl before. He’s never said why he left varl lands to help men build a small town, but each chieftain in Skogr’s family line is happy to have him. He’s known Rook since the man was young, and the two formed a fast kinship.

Onef (backbiter)

Onef is the man put in charge of the clan’s supplies and keeping the fighters in line. He comes off as a heartless bastard, but isn’t as ruthless as others he’s linked to.

Rook (hunter)

Rook is a skilled hunter from a long line of woodsmen who have lived in Skogr, though none of his family have survived the long, hard winters of the north. Since childhood, he has been close friends with the town’s resident varl, Iver. His talents quickly landed him the position of huntmaster of Skogr, and Rook wrestles with wanting to teach his daughter, Alette, to become a self-sufficient woman while also keeping her safe from harm, something he was unable to do for his wife Aldis years ago.

Alette (eagle eye)

Rook’s daughter, Alette, only vaguely remembers her mother, who died when she was a child. Since then, Alette spends most of her time with her father, unimpressed by the traditional roles of other girls in town. She hopes to become a hunter like her father, and in her spare time she practices archery with Oddleif, the wife of Skogr’s chieftain, who has become a motherly figure to her.

Egil (raidmaster)

A young boy growing up in Skogr without parents, Egil spends a lot of time behind a battered metal shield, training to be a fighter. The few who know him well call him Gil.

Oddleif (sky striker)

The chieftain of Skogr was considered one of the luckier men in town when he wooed the beautiful daughter of a well-known fighter. These days most people consider him a lucky man for marrying someone who knows how to run a town. Oddleif is the classic example of the woman in power running the show behind the scenes.

Ubin (narrator)

An old warrior who now collects taxes for the Varl King and travels with your party offering advice throughout your journey.

Eirik (warden)

Works for the governor of Strand, though for a man with a heavy responsibility he seems to have an awful lot of freedom in his methods. Plenty of warring clans within Strand have tried to take him down, none have succeeded. Eventually he earned himself the nickname “The Iron Turtle”.

Mogr (shieldmaster)

An old hand in Varl culture and long on the frontline of the fight against the dredge, he is highly respected among his peers and had the skills to lead a clan of his own. However, he now commands the personal army to the second in command of the Varl race.

Ludin (spearman)

The next in line to become king of most of the continent and is known as the Prince of Men. He’s not well-liked amongst either peers or rivals, mostly due to his high-born attitude, but he’s smart, a well-trained fighter and doesn’t lack courage.

Yrsa (siege archer)

Not many people know much about where she came from, but ever since Ludin became old enough to train, Yrsa has been close by. Rumors used to spread about a romantic relationship between the two until Yrsa heard about them, and then suddenly they stopped. Those who have spent much time near her have described the woman as intimidating.

Griss (strongarm)

A warrior through and through, having fought in every great war and killed countless dredge and men alike. Dependable, when he’s not shooting his mouth off.

Bersi (warhawk)

Of all of Ludin’s traveling companions, Bersi is the most likely to stand out, being a literal giant amongst men. Even Ludin seems afraid of him, which might be the primary reason he hasn’t been sent away. On the rare occasion it has been whispered that the varl doesn’t even work for prince, but some other group altogether. What is well known is that he’s already saved Ludin’s life on more than one occasion.

Fasolt (provoker)

Is a Varl loyalist and has spent a lot of time with warriors under his command. Known for being something of a vicious commander who may have at one point been a brigand with a grudge against mankind, he’s also one of the most respected for reliably getting the job done. Most recently he’s been posted in Schlid, holding off the dredge.