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This is that game that will change your mind on story driven games. As soon as you get caught up in the story, Banner Saga will give you a ride well worth the price of admission.

Touch Arcade

...One of the finest combinations of character, gameplay, and narrative that you can find.

It's fun, it's heart-breaking, and oh just stop reading this and go buy it now!

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Danny Moll Interview

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We recently asked our Senior Artist, Danny Moll how he got into the business of making video games and what keeps him motivated in this incredibly competitive field. How did…

Open Call Acceptances Sent

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Several days ago, Stoic sent out acceptances for our recent open call for short stories. Five awesome tales were chosen for our upcoming anthology, and we're looking forward to working…

The 12 Days of Eternal Arena

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On Eternal Arena's first day Rook gave to me - a long blast on the warhorn! On Eternal Arena's second day Eyvind gave to me - two chain lightning. On…