Fan Art Contest Deadline Extended

By April 11, 2018 Banner Saga, Contests, News

Greetings Bannerfolk!

Just a heads up that some great work has been arriving in the inbox for the Fan Art Contest. We’re also seeing many artists rushing to finish their pieces with only nine days left on the clock. As artists and creators ourselves, we know all too well that haste makes waste. So rather than risk people submitting anything short of their best work, we’ve opted to extend the deadline by two weeks.

The new deadline for the Fan Art Contest is May 4th, 2018.

Want to add more details to Gudmundr’s shirt? Go for it!
More runes to Ingrid’s godstone? Knock yourself out!
More whiskers for Nikels’ weak, weak mustache? Let’s not get carried away…

One more thing. MaxTN over on the Discord channel asked about submitting different versions of what’s otherwise the same artwork. For example, Iver with his sword and shield as opposed to his axe. If this applies to you, go ahead and submit what you think is your best work, but feel free to mention that you have alternative versions in your submission comments. If we like what we see, we’ll ask to see the rest.

So go forth and conquer, and we look forward to what we get by May 4th. Skål!