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January 2012


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Banner Saga is an epic Viking insprired, award winning story-based role-playing game. Travel across a brutal and breaking world as you lead your caravan on a harsh journey for survival. Manage your resources wisely, make bold leadership decisions and strike skillfully in battle to survive another day.


About Stoic

Stoic is an independent development studio which opened it's doors in January 2012. Founded by three industry veterans, John Watson, Arnie Jorgensen and Alex Thomas, the team took to Kickstarter to fund the first of a planned trilogy steeped in Viking mythology and created for a mature adult audience, The Banner Saga. The Kickstarter was a huge success and after overwhelming support the team blew their original funding goal of $100,000 out of the water and so started the development on The Banner Saga. With the additional Kickstarter funds the team was able to increase the scope and scale of the game and also allowed them to approach Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory to create the soundtrack. The Banner Saga launched in January 2014 on PC and Mac to much critical acclaim, followed by PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile platforms later on. The game won several awards and nominations including a BAFTA nomination, several Independent Video Game Awards, App Store's Editors Choice and Pocket Gamer's Game of the Year award. During this time Alex parted ways with the company and lead writer Drew McGee joined the team. The second game, Banner Saga 2 launched in April 2016 on PC and Mac and shortly thereafter was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile platforms. The final part of the trilogy, Banner Saga 3 is currently in development.

Banner Saga Key Features

• Hand-drawn visuals – Gorgeous 2D combat sequences, animations and effects

• The saga continues – Carry on your story and choices from The Banner Saga

• Viking mythology – A truly epic setting inspired by real Viking myths

• Tactical combat – Improved, turn-based battles demand precision and strategy

• RPG upgrades – Level up your characters’ stats and unlock devastating new moves

• Hard choices – Choose wisely in and out of battle as danger lurks around each corner

• Real consequences – Permanent loss of characters will weigh heavy on your mind

• New characters and a new race – New faces, including the new Horseborn race, join your epic journey

• Manage your caravan - Your role in building and managing your caravan is critical to not only your own survival but the survival of an entire civilization

• Evocative score - Soundtrack by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory


Banner Saga 2 Launch Trailer YouTube

Banner Saga 1 Launch Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "FINALIST, IGF - Excellence in Visual Art" - March, 2014
  • "HONORABLE MENTION, IGF - Excellence in Audio" - March, 2014
  • "HONORABLE MENTION, IGF - Excellence in Design" - March, 2014
  • "WINNER, Geekie Awards: Best Video Game" - February, 2014
  • "WINNER, Pocket Gamer Awards: Best Adventure/RPG" - March, 2015
  • "WINNER, Pocket Gamer Awards: Best Android Game" - March, 2015
  • "WINNER, Game Developers Choice Awards - Best Debut" - March, 2014
  • "NOMINEE, BAFTA - Best Debut Game" - March, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, BAFTA - Audio Achievement" - March, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, BAFTA - Best Music" - March, 2015
  • "WINNER, Innovation Awards - Most Promising Startup" - 2014
  • "WINNER, Golden Geek Award" - 2014
  • "NOMINEE, D.I.C.E. Spirit Award" - February, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, D.I.C.E. Role-Playing / MMO of the Year " - February, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, SXSW Gaming - Excellent in Art " - March, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, SXSW Gaming - Excellence in Narrative " - March, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, SXSW Gaming - Excellence in Musical Score " - March, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, SXSW Gaming - Most Anticipated Crowdfunded Game " - March, 2015
  • "NOMINEE, Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) Best Original Score - Video Game, Austin Wintory " - 2014
  • "NOMINEE, International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media, Austin Wintory " - 2014

For more information about Stoic visit http://www.stoicstudio.com.

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